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Creating a beautiful and functional outdoor living space can increase the value and enjoyment of your home 

A landscape design can address many issues within a space while working with the natural environment and protecting resources.

  • Relaxation

  • Social and entertaining space 

  • Play space

  • Habitat for wildlife, birds and butterflies

  • Edible garden space 

  • Enhancing views or hiding eyesores

  • Creating privacy or play space

  • Responsible water use & low maintenance requirements 

  • Erosion control

Why Design a Landscape? It's about solutions...

A well designed landscape can save you money on utility bills and maintenance as well as add to the value and comfort to your home.


Creating rooms in your backyard extends your outdoor living space and the functionality of your property. This back patio area had been a small concrete slab, and there was a pool that collected at the back door when it rained.


Install french drains to channel water into the garden where it could be used by plants. Pallet walls constructed to create a socializing space and "windows" into larger backyard, raised garden beds for herbs, vegetables or flowers, create a boarder and contain larger pebble patio area. 

Choosing a variety of plants appropriate to the climate and the placement in the yard can give you beauty and result in a friendly habitat for birds, insects & animals.  A well placed appropriate tree can give you years of energy saving, whereas a poorly chosen or placed tree can cause excessive maintenance issues and the expense of replacement

Being water wise does not mean all rock or no color. There are many plant choices. Your garden design can have a great degree of variety and still limit added water and chemicals.  


Sustainable Landscape Design can create an ecosystem that helps to perpetuate the moisture and nutrients in the soil while limiting the waste and maintenance and creating habitat both above and below the soil level.  Sustainability also means lessening the impact by sourcing local products and reusing materials whenever possible.  For instance recycled concrete can make an attractive garden wall or walkway.  

Landscape Design by
Blue Oak Creative

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