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Just the Plants


Want to know more about the plants you already have?  What are they? Are they healthy or  appropriate for the area?  Or perhaps you would like to add or subtract a few plants for more color & impact.

I can help with that. $75 per hour 


   Planting Plan for Existing Landscape 

Picking the right plants for the right place cuts down on maintenance invites plants to thrive.


This means your sidewalks and patios and walls etc. are already in place and you just want a plan for what plants, shrubs & trees will go where.  This may include augmenting existing plantings.  

Price will vary based on size and complexity. Call to set up an appointment to go over needs.  Starting at $375.

Plants that thrive in the desert have special adaptations that allow them to handle the alkaline soils, low water, extreme heat and burning sun. The leaves are often small and waxy or even close during the heat to retain moisture. These plants may not look like what you are use  to however they don't lack for interest.

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