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Consultation:  $65.   Up to 2 hrs.    When you decide to have a design drawn for your landscape, the first step is a consultation.

    • I will look at your yard and listen to your thoughts about what you’d like in your yard. We will discuss the different elements that you are looking for: plants, dining area, vegetable garden, water feature, outdoor dining, children’s play area, etc.. As we look around we will notice the sun and shade exposures of your yard, the existing trees and foliage, any views of the neighbors, the grade (flat, raised, terraced, etc.) and any other details that will lend themselves to the design. We will also consider any existing problems such as drainage, rotting decks and retaining walls, Plant health.  This fee is absorbed into the concept drawing fee if you choose to have me move forward. 


Preliminary drawing, or Concept drawing:  $400.   Per view, new construction, average lot.  Existing landscape may incur  additional charge.  

* A site survey is requested, this can usually be found in your closing documents.

 To insure that the plan is developing the way you would like, this consists of;

    • On site measuring of landscape and features, site inventory & analysis

    • Creation of a concept based on stated needs and analysis, this is a basic drawing showing location and flow of features. 

    • Up to 2 meetings with client to go over plan, and make changes. If additional meetings/changes are needed additional fee may apply.

    • May consist of some possible plant selections, some material or style options, basic measurements.

    • You will receive a color copy of the completed concept drawing. 24” x 36”    


Each view is considered a separate fee. For instance the front yard would be one fee and the back yard, another. In some cases side yards are very large and will require an additional fee. Large acreage lots and parcels will be considered according to the time and detail that will go into it.  The total fee will be determined at the time of the consultation. Likewise, if one of your yards are much smaller, then I would adjust the prices accordingly.

A deposit of 50% is taken at the first meeting, and the balance is due upon plan completion.


Landscape design/Working drawings can start from $750: Concept is included in this price.

  • These are working drawings, which will include detailed measurements for builder, plant and material selections and call outs.  

    • Site assessment, with pre-work call outs 24” x 36”

    • Planting plan 24” x 36”

    • Hardscape plan 24” x 36”

    • Lighting plan if applicable  24” x 36”

    • Detail plans if applicable 

    • Detailed Plant information packet to include color pictures, common and botanical names, bloom schedule, water requirements, plant information

    • Construction notes, 

    • Up to 2 meetings with clients to go over details and adjustments. If additional meetings/changes are needed additional fee may apply.

    • 2 copies of all of the above mentioned as well as a PDF copy. 


    • irrigation plan 24” x 36”.


* All Drawings are concept only and owner/ contractor is responsible to  follow all local ordinances, verify measurements. 


When the plan is complete I will go over all the details, the plants, the lighting, the hard surfaces such as the rock, retaining walls and everything else that is included in your plan. I will recommend landscape contractors for you to start getting bids (estimates for the installation of your new garden). If one of the recommended contractors are chosen for the job, then I will be there, at your home, to “stage,” or set the plants, and do a walk-through at the completion of the landscape. I am available throughout the process for information or support.


Landscape Coaching & Consultation without a design is also available. $65 an hour.


Landscape Maintenance & Health Check.  $55 per hour.

Most sustainable landscapes need limited maintenance, however should not be ignored after installed.


  • New landscape checked every 2 months for first year. 

    • Check overall health of the plants

    • Trim and shape as needed.

    • Make recommendations for any plant replacement, additions, maintenance. 


  • Existing landscape checked every 3 months.

    • Check overall health of the plants

    • Trim and shape as needed.  Large trees may require additional arborist support, not included. 

    • Make recommendations for any plant replacement, additions, maintenance. 

Landscape Design by
Blue Oak Creative

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