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Landscape Design

thoughtful landscape design takes many things into consideration, drainage, plant size & type, style and balance, space usage and travel patterns to name a few.  In Las Cruces, NM it is not advisable to just slap a big lawn in the front of you house as may have been done in past centuries or in other areas of the country. Water is a precious resource so irrigation and plants are carefully chosen to to create a space that is smart and desirable 


A full landscape design will include

  • Meeting with the client to determine needs and desires, price quote at this time.

  • Site inventory and analysis and measurements 

  • Create of a concept based on stated needs and analysis, this is a basic drawing showing location and flow of features, may consist of possible plant choices, some material & style choices, basic measurements.

  • Up to two meetings with clients to go over plan and make changes.    If additional meetings/changes are needed additional fees may apply.

  • You will receive a color copy of the concept drawing, usually 24" x 36". Once the concept is approved working drawings are developed.

  • Working drawings include detailed measurements for the builder, plant and material selections and call outs.

  • Site assessments with pre-work call outs if needed

  • Planting Plan, usually 24" x 36"  (2 copies plus PDF)

  • Hardscape Plan, usually 24" x 36". (2 copies plus PDF)

  • Lighting plan, if applicable 

  • Detail plans if applicable 

When the plan is complete I will go over all the details included in the plan.  I will recommend Landscape contractors if you need, so you can get estimates for the installation of your new garden. I am available throughout the process for information & support.  

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